How to using CPAP Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning your CPAP machine and its elements is mandatory. There are countless reasons why you need to do that on a regular basis and today we are going to discuss all of them. Keep in mind that using CPAP Cleaning Supplies is extremely important and beneficial. If you do not clean your CPAP machine, you will compromise the treatment and you will end up with more issues than benefits.

Why Cleaning CPAP Is Mandatory?

The main reason is to remove skin cells, bacteria, and germs. If you do not remove them, they will grow and develop inside the CPAP hose and a mask. Eventually, they will reach a critical number and they can cause infection on the skin, irritation, or even more severe issues such as infection of the airways. There are countless problems that can be present. In order to solve them, you only need to clean your CPAP machine and you are safe.

There are many methods to do this but we recommend Freyat Cleaner. It is an ozone cleaner and it is the best alternative as we will explain below. An interesting fact is that if you do not clean your machine on a regular basis, components will start to fail much sooner and you will have to replace them. This isn’t a very affordable option.

Here’s How To Clean A CPAP Machine Easily

Now when you know that cleaning is mandatory, we will have to explain how to do it as easily as possible. There are no complicated steps here and basically, you need to follow simple instructions and a few basic elements. We will also reveal tips that can help you complete the process even sooner.

1.   Always empty the water tank in the morning when you wake up. This is done to prevent mold and bacteria from growing inside. Once removed and empty, let it air dry and when you are ready for sleep, feel it with water. This simple trick can make the CPAP machine more effective and at the same time decrease the need for cleaning.

2.   Use Freyat Cleaner. There are many methods and gadgets you can use to clean your CPAP machine. The best of them all is Freyat Cleaner. This is an ozone cleaner and as we have mentioned earlier, it is great. It comes with ozone cleaning benefits and advantages. All you need to do is to connect it to the bag, place the mask and the hose inside and turn it on. The gadget will use ozone to sterilize the components and kill all the bacteria, germs, and viruses on these components. You need 30 minutes of your time and you are done after that.

3.    Clean the components on a regular basis. Ideally, you will clean the CPAP mask and the hose on a daily basis. This way you are certain that there are no bacteria on these components and that using them is extremely safe and useful. Replace them when needed.

4.   Do not try to disassembly the CPAP machine to clean it. It is a sealed unit and it doesn’t come in contact with the air you breathe, nor your skin. Hence, the cleaning of the internal components isn’t needed. For most users, this is something they want to do but honestly, there is no need. You need to focus the attention on the filters, the humidifier, and the aforementioned elements such as a hose and a mask.

5.   Replace the filters. All CPAP machines do have filters that must be replaced. Consult the owner's manual of your particular model to see which filter you need to replace and when. Always get a few of these filters so you can replace them in the future when needed. Most of them need to be replaced once per month. Keep in mind that there are filters that can be washed, dried, and then reused countless times. They don’t have to be replaced.

6.   Replace the mask and the hose when needed. You will see various issues on them such as bad odor, bacteria, or even mold. When that happens or when the mask doesn’t seal properly, you will need to replace it. This isn’t an expensive process and can be very desirable.


Every CPAP user must have and use CPAP Cleaning Supplies. This is the most important thing you can own and do in order to make sure your treatment is perfectly successful. The process is beneficial but simple so there are no issues of any kind present.

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