How to Buy a CPAP Machine?

The question of buying CPAP supply online has disturbed most of the patients in this pandemic era. It seems that the CPAP sterilization machines have become a necessity in today's world.

Why has the growing demand of the ventilators due to Covid-19 raised serious concerns in the international community?  John Banzhaf an MIT-trained engineer and Law Professor from the George Washington University has recently expressed his concerns about the shortage of ventilators. He asked hospitals to reuse ventilator tubes to prevent the spread of corona virus. More importantly, he shared a new way to use CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines as an alternative to the ventilators so as to help patient shaving corona virus infection due to severe respiratory problems.

Although the CPAP Machines are not authorized by the World Health Organization as an alternative to the ventilators in this pandemic, yet these are useful for those patients who are suffering from sleep apnea disease. Let’s discuss, what is the CPAP Machine and how to buy CPAP supply online.

What are the CPAP Machines?

CPAP is the short form of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. It is a machine to cover your nose and mouth to restore your respiratory system. This machine probably helps the patients who are suffering from the disease called sleep apnea. In this disease, one cannot inhale an air properly while asleep. For this reason, one has to use this machine to take breathe easily.              

How does CPAP Sterilization Machine Work?

When you are inhaling air, this machine increases the air pressure in your throat to stop the airway from collapsing. Not only this, but it also helps reduce the snoring. It makes you feel safe and keeps you out of danger if you are suffering from the breathing problem.

Process to Buy and Use the CPAP Machine:

To buy CPAP supply online, you first have to diagnose the disease, either you are suffering from sleep apnea problem or something else. 

  • Step 1: Get an Appointment with the Doctor:

If you are not getting enough oxygen during sleep, the doctor will diagnose the problem through sleep apnea tests. There are two ways you can have this test done. 

  • At-Home Sleep Apnea Test: The doctor will give you a pulsometer for the pulse oximetry test. It will record your pulse rate throughout the night. Some doctors also recommend a band to wear on your chest or forehead to monitor your sleeping pattern. 
  • Lab Sleep study:  In this test, a patient is required to stay at the hospital for a night. In a meanwhile, his body is connected to different machines to observe the timing and pattern of the breathing problem. These machines provide detailed information about how often you stop breathing while asleep. Moreover, it also monitors the eye movement, heart rate, chin movement, and pulse oximetry to find out accurate information about the patients.

After the proper assessment of the body, a detailed test report is given to the doctor. If he finds a serious problem in you, he will give you a prescription to buy a CPAP machine. 

  •  Step 2: Doctor gives you a Prescription to buy CPAP Supplies Online

 Once you received the prescription, it is up to you now. You can go to CPAP store. You can search it online, “CPAP store near me” or “Best CPAP supplies online”. In this way, you will find the best online store to buy the CPAP device at an affordable price.

  • Step 3: Contact a Nurse to Determine Correct Pressure Settings

 After buying the CPAP machine, it is necessary to use correct pressure settings in your CPAP machine. It can harm your body if you don’t follow the determined settings suggested by the doctor.

  • Step 4: Proper Maintenance of CPAP Machine

 Once you have purchased the online supplies, you have to maintain it properly. Such machines reduce their efficiency over time. They slowly get spoiled by the allergens, dust and other irritants. Therefore, you must keep it clean regularly and replace it every five years.

How to Select the Best CPAP Supplies Online:

In this online world, one can easily become a victim of fraudulent deals. Therefore, it is necessary to have the following information, if you want to want to purchase the best CPAP supplies online.

 1)    Find a Durable Medical Equipment (DME), provider:

 DME providers have all the information about the medical equipment. They provide the necessary guideline to buy the CPAP supplies online. If you want to buy CPAP machines with insurance, you can contact a DME provider. 

After verifying your reports, a DME provider will approach you and will help you buy the CPAP machine. He will handle all the paper-work from submitting documents to the insurance provider to changing the pressure settings of the machine accordingly. Finally, he delivers the CPAP machine at your home with all the necessary documents. 

 2)   Large Retailers can also Offer CPAP Online Supplies:

 If you are searching for CPAP machine online, you may have also searched these words: “CPAP supplies eBay”, “CPAP supplies Amazon”, and “CPAP supplies online”. Mostly, people meet the retailers with such keywords and they get CPAP machines at an affordable price. 

Large online retailers often do not ask for a prescription, but you have to follow the whole process as mentioned above to buy a CPAP machine. 

 3)    Online CPAP Stores can Provide CPAP Sterilization Machines:

 The online CPAP stores are allowed to provide insurance to their customers. You can contact them on their websites. Most of the online shops will not ask you for a doctor’s prescription and will send you a CPAP mask kit. But it will be different from the original CPAP machine.

If you contact an online shop with your prescription, you will find the best CPAP Sterilization Machine.What you have to do is follow the whole procedure from visiting a doctor to getting a signed prescription. Only then, you can buy the best CPAP Machine online.

Things to Avoid While Buying a CPAP Machine:

1)   Don’t Buy the Used CPAP Machine

In the United States and Canada, we have noticed lots of local stores which are selling used CPAP machines. Always remember, you have to replace your CPAP machine after every five years. These used machines will further disturb your respiratory system.

 2)   Don’t Buy the Discounted CPAP Machine:

Nowadays, people sell their used and broken machines on lowered rates. You don’t have to follow those people. These CPAP machines cannot help in regulating your breathing problem. Because patients continuously breathe and fill the mask and tubes of the discounted CPAP machine with their warm saliva. If you use them again, there are chances that you will get a new disease.

 3)   Don’t Buy the CPAP Machine Without Doctor’s Prescription:

If you buy a CPAP machine without a prescription, online and local stores will send you manually packed CPAP mask kit. They will not send you the exact CPAP Sterilization Machine because it is not allowed to buy such medical equipment without a prescription.

Main Advantages of Using CPAP Machines:

1)   Reduce Heart-Related Problems:

Sleep apnea has a connection with a variety of heart problems. The sudden pause in our breathing leads to increase our blood pressure and reduce the blood oxygen level. As a result, it puts alot of pressure on our heart which can ultimately lead to heart failure. By using CPAP machines, you cannot only improve the respiratory system but can also protect your heart from the severe damage.

2)   Reduce the Risk of Stroke:

 Stroke is the abrupt loss of brain functioning. It happens when a blood vessel leading to the brain suddenly get ruptured or blocked. Stroke is one of the leading cause of death and long-term disability. If you are suffering from sleep apnea, the usage of the CPAP machine can reduce the risk of stroke.

3)   Reduce the Effect of Erectile Dysfunction:

 According to the recent study, most of the men older than the age of 60 are suffering from sleep apnea. This disease negatively impacts on the sexual performance of the men. For this reason, the CPAP machine can help improve the respiratory system which in turn allow men to regain their normal sexual function.

4)    Provide Safety Against the Coronavirus:

 If you are over 50 years old and are suffering from sleep apnea, the CPAP machine is for you. In the current situation, youshould strengthen your respiratory system to reduce the impacts of corona virus on the body.  How can it happen? Just use the CPAP machine as prescribed by the doctor.

Positive review given by sleep apnea patient on his successful usage of CPAP Machines:

 Redditors used to share their reviews online about sleep apnea problems and solutions.Here is an interesting story of one user.

A Redditor named as Rubbabaybee, expressed his reviews one year ago on Reddit,“The main reason I’m posting this is because if I went through it, someone else definitely is going through it. I originally posted last year about how after 2 years of CPAP use I didn’t really feel any different. Well, I stuck with it because I’m a stubborn bastard and can say that for the last 5 months I’ve finally gotten back to being a “normal”33-year-old male. I’m guessing I’ve had undiagnosed sleep apnea at least 7 years prior to CPAP usage and it’s taken this long to fully recover. My libidois like I’m 17 again. I’m energetic at the gym and packing on muscle like I'm again Ambition for life is back and I’m currently in the process of buying my first home. Depression is 100% gone. Almost feels as if I was never depressed in my life.To everyone that has sleep apnea and doesn’t feel a difference, if you are being treated well just stick with it.”


To conclude, a report released by the Lancet Respiratory Medicine has raised several concerns for sleep apnea patients. It stated that approximately 936 million people between age 30 and 69 are suffering from this terrible disease. Likewise, the number of patients being treated and rehabilitated from this disease is very low. In this way, it is essential for the patients to use the CPAP Machines in order to improve their respiratory systems.

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