Things you Must Know about CPAP Therapy during Coronavirus Pandemic

We all know that COVID 19 is spreading across the world and it affects or affected millions. For those who use CPAP therapy or BiPAP or ASV, this means additional risk. To help you as much as we can, we will provide you the main things you need to know about using the treatment during the pandemic.The most important thing is that you must continue using CPAP Hose Connector and the treatment in general. Stopping now isn’t an option, despite the pandemic.

1.No added risk from the virus because you suffer from sleep apnea.

Some people believe that sleep apnea can make them prone to the COVID19 virus. There are no details or specifics that suggest that.

2.Can CPAP be used to treat corona virus?

Yes and no. Some scientists claim that a CPAP treatment can be used for minor Covid19 symptoms but there is no detailed research on this topic. For now, it is believed that there is no benefit found.

3.CPAP machines and ventilators are not the same thing.

They may look similar and used for similar purposes, but CPAP machine offers a constant air pressure to the lungs and promote breathing.The ventilator needs a medical tube to reach the lungs and can replace breathing during some time.

4.You should use CPAP machine even if you have Corona virus.

Even if you are diagnosed with corona virus, continue using CPAP machine. There are no links between these two conditions and Covid19 won’t affect sleep apnea. Don’t forget to stay in isolation as long as it takes and call a doctor if you have more severe symptoms.

5.CPAP therapy cannot increase risk of Corona virus to your partner.

Even if you sleep in the same bed, the risk of infecting your partner with COVID 19 just because you use CPAP machine is close to zero.

6.Compliance may be needed for insurance company.

At the moment there is no clear answer from insurance companies. Some claim that compliance will be needed despite the pandemic,while others claim it won’t. Be free to check with your doctor and make sure you know the answer to your particular insurance.

7.Clean your CPAP machine every day.

During normal use, cleaning the machine is needed once per week. During the COVID19 pandemic, you need to clean it once per day. The situation is, even more, sever if you suffer from sneezing, coughing, or anything similar. Replace the mask and the hose after 90 days just so you can stay safe.

8.Use Freyat Cleaner.

The best method or a tool to use and clean the CPAP machine is Freyat Cleaner. It is an ozone cleaner that is 100% safe and has an extremely high success rate when it comes to cleaning. Distilled water is far less effective.

9.Clean the mask, hose, and machine separately.

Make sure to clean all the pieces of equipment separately.Only then you can make sure that cleaning is 100% effective and there are no germs.

10.Do not add additives.

Some of you may believe that additives are a successful and even better way of cleaning the CPAP machine. The answer is no and many of them can be harmful!

11.How to Clean the CPAP Machine Properly?

Cleaning the CPAP machine should be done daily or weekly,depending on the situation. During the pandemic, we recommend you to clean the monce per day. Start by disassembling the machine, wiping the machine, hose and mask with warm water and a towel. Do not use alcohol, strong compounds, or anything similar. You can end up with skin irritation. Also, do not use the disinfecting wipes. They can cause irritation as well.

Those of you who have CPAP machines with a humidifier, make sure replace the water inside ponce per day, with clean distilled water. Repeat the steps every single day. The only things you can use for daily cleaning are Freyat Cleaner and also soap and water for mask and cushions.

Your machine also has to be cleaned on a weekly basis. One per week is a good choice but more than once is even better, even during the pandemic. For this process, you will have to disassembly the machine, the tubing, and the mask. Start with the mask and the tubing. You can use warm water and soap for dishes without ammonia. Wipe all of the components using soap and warm water, use a damp towel to wipe the components, and leave them to dry on air.

If possible, hang the components somewhere and use them only when completely dry. Do not use abrasive chemicals, strong cleaning solutions, or anything similar.CPAP machine has to be cleaned as well. Remove and replace the water from the tank (use distilled water), wipe the surfaces, and always clean the tank with warm water and wet cloth. Do not use strong chemicals here.The tank can be disinfected by using vinegar and water. Leave the mixture in the tank for 30 minutes and wash it with warm water. The filter has to be removed and washed as well. Use warm or hot water for this step and always squeeze it so the excess water is removed.The white filter is replaceable and you will need to replace it once in 14 days or sooner if you have plenty of dust at home.

The Final Word

Make sure that the mask,hose and the machine itself are perfectly clean during the pandemic. There are no major changes or steps to take during this time frame. Clean it regularly and continue to use it every single night. It is the treatment you will need.

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